This site is an historic archive for the Sony Sketch application and art community. It has no commercial purpose.


During the running of the Sketch app and community, Sony selected daily features that were displayed in a special gallery. Only a small fraction of the users were ever featured (2370 out of millions).

In October 2019, Sony Sketch closed the app and community, and deleted more than 100 million sketches. Much of that art has unfortunately been lost forever.

This small gallery of featured sketches was archived.


The galleries on this site contain art selected by Sony as "featured" sketches, as well as comments made on those sketches. The featured section was a small portion of all sketches submitted to the service. These sketches have been archived due to their special significance in documenting the history of the Sony Sketch application.

The data was obtained by scraping the featured section of the Sony Sketch website a few days before the service was shut down.


This site was developed by me, Carl Hammarlund, a former consultant for Sony Mobile. Feel free to contact me @knallarlund if you have any comments or questions.